Casino History

Online Casino History
The history of online gambling starts in the 90s, when the first online casinos were launched. The only reason that online casinos were able to exist at all was due to changes in legislation in various countries around the world, which finally provided for legal licencing of internet gambling. The first country to do so was the island of Antigua Barbuda in 1994. Initially these casinos did not have much of a choice of games to play and were not particularly interactive. This was because online gaming software was still in its infancy at the time. However, this soon changed and within two years a wide range of gaming software for online casino use had been developed. This soon began changing the casino industry, as previously unheard-of game playing options became easy and profitable for both casino houses and players. One of the biggest impact innovations was online poker tournaments.

Players from various locations around the world could all play as if together in the same place. This gained the attention and interest of a much wider audience of gamers and is one of the reasons for the continuing phenomenal success of online casinos today. Another aspect of their success is the wide variety of additional features which appear on many sites, a number of which have been made possible by the on-going work of software developers. Features like live chat with other online players, live online dealers, better promotional offers and improved customer service support are some of the many reasons that millions of players around the world regularly enjoy a little online casino activity. Today’s online casinos are easy to use and interact with and have plenty of advice to get you started. Visit to find out how to begin online gaming within just a few clicks.